Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage         25mins £30.00   40mins £40.00
Swedish Full Body Massage  (55mins) £50.00
Lava Shell Relax Massage  
This special treatment elevates hot stone massage to the highest level using tiger clam shells heated by a unique volcanic lava and seaweed mix. Deeply relaxing, the massage also helps detoxify the body. Extend your treatment to focus on the tummy for a massage that can provide a flatter stomach and helps relieve bloating or cramps. 
 30 minute back, neck & shoulder £40.00
45 minute back, neck & shoulder £50.00
60 minute full body, excluding abdomen £60.00
90 minute fully body, can include abdomen £90.00
45 minute core strength, back & abdomen £50.00
Lava Shell Rescue Massage   
Alternating hot and cold lava shells to treat more general fitness muscle aches and pains. The specific massage techniques target trigger points in muscles which can be responsible for tension and referred pain. 
60 minute full body £66.00
30 minute specific problem area £48.00
Glacial Shell Detox Treatment (60 mins) £66.00
This ice therapy treatment tackles congestion areas such as the large intestine and stimulates the lymphatic system to encourage the body's own natural purification. Water retention is banished leaving you feeling less bloated and with a flatter stomach.  
Full Body Exfoliation  (30 mins) £30.00
A treatment designed to remove dead skin cells resulting in a brighter look, ending with an application of soft hydrating emulsion leaving your skin feeling silky soft.  
Indian Head Massage  (25 mins) £30.00
A wonderfully relaxing treatment for the scalp, neck and shoulders. This can be performed with or without oil.