Sienna X Spray Tanning (Full Body)£30.00
Sienna X Spray Tanning (Legs Only)£22.00
For a spray tan to look its best we strongly advise the following:
  • Exfoliate your face and body several times prior to tanning but NOT on the day. Pay particular attention to dry areas. Moisturise your face and body daily on the run up to your tan paying particular attention to your dry areas.
  • Remove any unwanted hair growth at least 24hours prior to tan
  • Arrive for your tan wearing no makeup, deodorant, body lotion or perfume
  • Avoid perspiring whilst your tan is developing
  • Avoid showering for 12hours after your tan

To maintain your tan:
  • Avoid baths, have cool shower and pat dry with towel after
  • Moisturise twice daily
  • Please be aware that chlorine in swimming pools can shorten the life of your tan
Stand Up Fast Tanning Sun Bed (per minute)
Stand Up Fast Tanning Sun Bed (60 minutes)£50.00
Stand Up Fast Tanning Sun Bed (120 minutes)£80.00
Please note it is a legal requirement that you are a minimum of 18 years old to use UV tanning equipment. Disposable eye shields are provided for your safety which must be worn. We have a selection of tanning accelerators and bronzers available to purchase to enhance and condition your tan.